All Further Articles for 2020-09-23

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
"Negro" Justice: Erasing Breonna and Emmett and All the Rest
Protests continue against Louisville's grotesque decision to deny justice to Breonna Taylor but afford it to her neighbors' walls in an indictment that, after months of demands to Say Her Name, literally doesn't mention her: " It’s as if she was never there." In a dark twist, her killers were acquitted on the same date as Emmett Till's; his prescient mother had warned, if he didn't get justice, "It won't be safe for a Negro to walk the streets anywhere in America" - or, it turns out, sleep.
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The Job of A Prophet
As a somber squad of her former law clerks stood guard, Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned for the last time to the Supreme Court to lie in repose; Friday, she will - astonishingly but aptly - become the first woman to lie in state at the Capitol. Amidst the political furor around her seat - and a slimy GOP blocking a ceremonial tribute - her rabbi movingly celebrated Ginsburg's steadfast life's work: Insisting "the Constitution deliver on its promise that 'we the people' include all the people."
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