It Is What It Is: Recreating the Crime, Over and Over


Honoring the dead. Photo by Win McNamee/Getty

Even as U.S COVID deaths passed 200,000 - almost a death per minute, by far the most in the world - the sociopath responsible for them just improbably topped himself in depravity by proclaiming coronavirus "affects virtually nobody" except some "elderly people" who were not available for comment, nor were the millions of loved ones they left behind. Trump's insane claim at his latest, deadly, pointless super-spreader in Ohio came as what was once the most well-prepared, scientifically advanced, powerful country in the world recorded nearly seven million COVID cases and more deaths than the top five EU countries combined, with over 1,000 Americans dying per day - a figure representing over 20% of the world's deaths in a country that has just 4% of the world's population - in what has become, in just eight months, the 4th largest mass casualty event in U.S. history after the Civil War, World War ll and the 1918 flu pandemic. Most obscenely, public health experts agree at least three quarters of those deaths were preventable if we'd had a functioning government. "It is completely unfathomable that we’ve reached this point,” says one  researcher. Equally appallingly, the failures persist: New cases rose 17% last week at about 35,000 a day thanks to ongoing stupidity about safety precautions, with the most cases in Iowa, Idaho, Wisconsin and South Dakota. As temperatures drop, health experts warn of "a rude awakening" as people move indoors and the same problems recur with "a grim, Groundhog Day quality" - ever-worse PPE shortages, inadequate and falling testing, racial disparities in deaths, a complicit FDA and CDC. "There is a theme here," says Eric Topol, a professor of molecular medicine. “Recreate the crime. We keep on doing it, over and over again.” “We’re on track to have a quarter-million dead Americans by the end of the year with absolutely no reason it had to happen," laments another expert. "This is a leadership failure of astounding proportions.”

In the face of those harrowing realities, we have a sick, stupid, narcissistic TV host with blood on his hands who's so impervious to reality he continues to give himself a fictional "A" on the "amazing" and "incredible" job he's done on COVID, which he infamously argued Monday night "affects virtually nobody" except "elderly people....It's an amazing thing." Yes, well. Try telling that to the  thousands of front line medical workers who died fighting it, or countless “long haulers” who may carry around its aftereffects the rest of their lives, or hundreds of thousands of sick kids on whose behalf you're blindly urging, "Everybody open your schools," or still-grieving loved ones of the dead, who because you're a psycopath you've never even acknowledged, never mind honored. So it was that, on Tuesday, with the fallout from your inane lies still besmirching the air, dozens of volunteers with a group of DC friends called The Covid Memorial Project, noting “no flags lowered, no service held, no day of mourning declared," carefully placed 20,000 American flags on the National Mall facing the White House "to simply say, 'These lives are more than a statistic—they were family, friends, neighbors.” The loss of life is "staggering," they stressed, and it was "not inevitable," but for Trump's malfeasance. Not so, frantically argued loathsome Kayleigh 'Barbie Press Secretary' McEnany at the same time in response to reporters' thorny  questions about a grisly body count Trump still hasn't mentioned. Having been forced to move the ghastly goal posts from "3 or 4" dead to 17 to 60,000 to 150,000 to....she pulled grotesque numbers out of a hat to claim 200,000 dead is still admirably below a projected two million dead if Trump had done nothing, which he basically did. Stunned observers noted the so-called government is "now giving themselves a participation trophy," they're "literally congratulating themselves for coming in under the Cambodian slaughter," and they're essentially saying some Americans are still alive so hey, good job all around! For God's sake, vote.


Some of the 1,150 "virtual nobody" health workers who died of COVID, according to Lost on the Frontline, a project by The Guardian and Kaiser Health News.


 Covid Memorial Project noting, "They deserved better."


 Photo by Evy Mages



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