A Thing Like This Should Never Happen (But Somehow It Does, Again and Again)

As the racist, unraveling, conspiracy-babbling Inciter-In-Chief falls farther and farther off the edge of any known universe, an already ravaged country suffers for it while his increasingly emboldened peeps act out their ugly grievances. In Alaska, a frenzied white guy got up in the face of several impeccably calm women of color at Wal Mart - "Have a nice day" - as he screamed what should def be the new MAGA slogan: "Respect my rights and no one else's!" In Buffalo, a couple of racist goons stood in an intersection blocking traffic and bellowing "No nigger coming this way!" at Black Lives Matter protesters while cops sat nearby in their cars. In still-volatile Portland, caravans of MAGA hoodlums barrelled down streets in trucks with their fascist flags flying, hitting and teargassing protesters as Trump proudly proclaimed them "GREAT PATRIOTS!" - this, after defending one of their murderous spawn who killed two people in Kinosha as probably the victim there, and yes this is the alleged president of these once-United States. Twitter: "Inciting civil war much?"

Little wonder he's now taking donations from neo-Nazi rabble like the head of Aryan Nations, the "most feared and revered white supremacist organization the world has ever known," who has said he'd mark Black History Month when "every Negro becomes just that – history." He sounds nice. Then, in an interview with Fox' Laura Ingraham, Trump went full delusional wingnut: Portland "has been burning for many years," most cops are good except a few who "choke" and kill black people like when you miss a 3-foot putt in golf, and, recycling a bonkers Facebook rumor, Biden is controlled by "people that are in the dark shadows," like when "we had somebody get on a plane from a certain city (and) it was almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that...to do big damage.” He repeated the claim Tuesday - the plane "filled up with the looters, the anarchists, rioters" - telling reporters he'd try to connect them with the source and “maybe they’ll speak to you, maybe they won’t.” Also, maybe there's a tooth fairy and maybe there isn't.

With his polls still slumping, then he went to Kinosha, WI to try to get this race war going, though both the mayor and governor asked him and his "incendiary remarks" to stay away. Residents evidently agreed; as he arrived, a plane soared overhead with the banner, "Reject Trump's Violence. Vote November." So did the family of shooting victim Jacob Blake: After Trump claimed he'd spoken to their family pastor, Jacob's father, who is clearly not here for it, retorted: “First of all, I'm not going to play politics. This is my son's life we're talking about. Second of all, we don't have a family pastor.” During the visit, Jacob's uncle Justin held a community party, declaring, "We don't have any words for the orange man in the White House.” Trump brought along Bill Barr and Chad Wolf - these white boy names! - perhaps to highlight his charge that Kenosha's unrest was not "acts of peaceful protest, but really domestic terror." At a round-table with law enforcement he began by suggesting people take off their masks, he praised police as "great, great people," though noted, repeating his spectacularly tone-deaf metaphor, "They choke sometimes, and it's a very tough situation." He also toured buildings damaged by rioting, solemnly intoning, "A thing like this should never happen."

Another thing that should never happen, but did again: Two of Trump's "great, great people" shot and killed an unarmed black man in South L.A. after stopping him for "riding his bicycle in an unlawful manner." Two deputies from the L. A. Sheriff's Department - which is so racist its alleged internal gangs include The Executioners - spotted Dijon Kizzee, 29, riding a bike "in violation of vehicle codes." When they tried to stop him, Kizzee dropped the bike and ran. When they chased and caught him, he allegedly punched one and dropped a bundle of clothes; they allegedly spotted a handgun in the bundle and opened fire at least 15 times, shooting him in the back. As Kizzee lay on the ground, four cops converged with guns drawn to handcuff him; his body lay there, face down, for eight hours. The police report: "The suspect produced a handgun, and a deputy-involved 'hit' shooting occurred." The reality: Whether or not he had a gun - some reports say it was a cellphone - it was on the ground, and he was unarmed. Video shows a scared man struggling to run as he clutches a bundle; more (searing) video shows neighbors screaming as shots ring out; the guy filming the swarm of cops says, "How you gonna handcuff a dead guy? You all killing people." Again, there are protests. Again, there is fear, rage, grieving family. Kizzee's aunt: "Somebody riding his bike shouldn't be shot in the back. Why us? We are absolutely tired."

"His name was Dijon Kizzee. Fox 11 gave him 3 fucking minutes before moving on to the weather. No one fucking blinks an eye anymore. Say his fucking name." - Twitter


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