All Further Articles for 2020-07-03

Saturday, July 4, 2020
An Unholy License
This beleaguered Fourth evokes the searing words of Frederick Douglass, a black man furiously recounting to his white audience "the immeasurable distance between us," the day exposing "your shouts of liberty and equality" as "hollow mockery...mere bombast, fraud, deception." In this historic moment, Daveed Diggs - "Hamilton"'s Thomas Jefferson - reads from Douglass to images of a still-racist America, asking, "Where is the country where my people are safe?"
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Friday, July 3, 2020
Ha Ha: Rotten to the Core
Four Colorado cops and sick fucks just got fired for thinking it was hilarious to replicate choking a helpless young black man to death, taking photos and giving them to a fellow cop "to cheer him up" - a grisly move Elijah McClain's family compared to proud mobs taking photos of their Jim Crow lynchings. The "disgusted" police chief said the firings show "the culture has been reset," but the cops' union grotesquely whined they violate officers’ "due process" - so not just yet.
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Tweet, Donny, Tweet!
Kudos to the Dem activists and hive minds of Defeat by Tweet, a new super PAC that makes Trump pay for every vile, lying, racist scrap of bile he spews - with black social justice groups gifted his unwitting largesse. For every tweet, you can donate a few cents to organizers in swing states; a million people giving 2¢ a pop for his roughly 30 tweets a day nets $18 million a month to beat him and save democracy. Oh sweet, pricey accountability. Maybe "the blacks" really will love him now.
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