Too Fast, Too Soon


Austin. Indivisible photos

Because grim times call for grim measures, members of the progressive group Indivisible laid body bags overseen by the Grim Reaper at Florida's and Arizona's statehouses and Texas' governor's mansion Tuesday to protest their GOP governors' reckless moves to push ahead with re-opening their states despite grossly inadequate testing and rising COVID-19 cases and deaths - most notably as restrictions begin to be lifted. Indivisible said the coordinated, socially-distanced actions were aimed at urging their states' respective governors to “listen to medical experts and not cave to pressure to (open) too fast” - an especially urgent message after Dr. Anthony Fauci's testimony before Congress that re-opening too soon could cause catastrophic spikes in infections and deaths, which he  warned are likely already far greater than the documented, surreal 81,000. The grisly demonstrations at three state capitols, each featuring a Grim Reaper surrounded by black, bulky, County Coroner body bags, came as all three governors mulishly forge ahead with reopening in the name of ungodly capitalism, and mass negligent homicide be damned.

"Now it's time to set a new course (to) begin rebuilding the lives and the livelihoods of our fellow Texans," intoned Gov. Gregg Abbot on May 1, when he began reopening businesses and malls, despite rising cases and little testing. Since then, the state has seen a spike in cases to nearly 40,000, with about 1,100 deaths. Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis has too; soon, he'll move to a 2nd rash phase that will see bars, gyms and restaurants open to 75% capacity, allegedly with distancing because bars lend themselves so well to it. The state now has nearly 42,000 cases and 1,779 deaths; those numbers will likely rise after a protest by unprotected gym-goers, who did push-ups outside to demand gyms open so they could do push-ups. In Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey has begun lifting restrictions despite the state's lack of a CDC-mandated decline in cases; by Tuesday, its death count had grown to 562. Protesters there decried an inept government "looking the other way every chance they get," particularly on tribal lands and in poor communities; in the face of gross negligence, "Giving up is not an option." Meanwhile in Canada, with far less than 1% of America's deaths, three entrepreneurs are so incensed by that negligence they're selling Trump Body Bags - and toe tags - with profits going to WHO's COVID Fund. Because nothing says winning like being internationally renowned for mass murder.




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