Bursting the Bubble: Mourning and Whining In America

Screenshot from Lincoln Project ad "Mourning in America"

Day by day, the malignant narcissist disintegrates, in all his public, ugly, car-crash horror. Increasingly, he is saying the quiet parts aloud: In a fumbling, paper-crumpling ABC interview, he blithely asked more Americans to die for capitalism as "warriors" - aka cannon fodder - so he can re-open the country, get re-elected and continue his illustrious reign as Grifter-In-Chief. In an even more wildly "ME ME ME!" New York Post interview, he said the "one thing" he's learned from the pandemic that's killed over 72,000 people and infected 1.24 million is that "I was right." Don't ask: Something about supply chains from China. As to estimates from the CDC that U.S. deaths will grow to 3,000 a day by June, “I don’t know anything about it... I think it’s false."

O-kay then. More importantly, because life and at this point death is a reality TV show, "everybody" enjoyed his daily shitshow briefings, including him - "We had tremendous numbers" - despite those angry lady journalists who kept asking him mean questions: “It wasn’t Donna Reed, I can tell you that..the attitude of these people, it’s like incredible." Still, despite the gross injustice of being held accountable for his historically disastrous failures - now continuing with his son-in-law's ineptness in yet another new job - Trump offers the jaw-dropping verdict that, thanks to him, it's all good: “We did the right thing and now we’re bringing the country back. And I think there’s a great optimism."

His stunning denial of reality was abruptly punctured Monday night when the Lincoln Project - a group of GOP "Never Trump" political consultants led by George Conway - ran a blistering ad smack in the middle of Tucker Carlson's show, which Trump was happily watching. "Mourning in America," which plays off Reagan's famed 1984 ad "Morning in America" ad, briefly, accurately outlines Trump's catastrophic blunders, which have produced a country "weaker and sicker and poorer." Though their verdict is shared by most bipeds, it gave Trump-In-A Bubble big sads. He launched into a frenzied, seething 1 a.m. Twitter rampage along the usual pitiful, misspelled lines - attack, insult, deflect, attack - thus gifting the ad and modestly funded group more curious viewers, free publicity and proof of his thin-skinned unfitness than they'd ever dreamed of.


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On Tuesday - visiting a plant that makes masks, wearing no mask, with "Live and Let Die" bizarrely blasting - he was still fuming and ranting about "the Losers Project" like any 5th grade bully, leading the Project's John Weaver to offer "short-term sublease available inside one orange cranium." "I guess we know what keeps (Trump) up at night," wrote Conway. "It isn’t the Americans who are dying once every 45 seconds of Covid-19." He added the friend who gave him the idea "is sad you didn’t rage-tweet at him. Could you take a moment from your busy day of abject self-pity to attack him? Many thanks. Love, your friend Moonface." (To get it, you have to read the tweets.) Still, wrote the Project's Reed Galen, the satisfaction of knowing work "went straight into your opponent's brain...shouldn't be confused with jubilation." Citing the dangers of "a small man for whom American lives and economic fortunes are a distant second to his own ego," he rightly notes the meltdown is further proof of "the cracked crucible that is the Trump White House" and the need to wash Trump and his ilk "out of American politics for good." Also, def don't watch or share the video.

Incredibly, Trump's Fox Town Hall, held at the Lincoln Memorial because he said he wanted a grand setting, made him seem even more monumentally small.

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