All Further Articles for 2020-04-28

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Operation America Unfriggingbelievably Tone-Deaf: Everybody Gets A Plane! (But Sorry Still No Masks, Tests, PPE or Jobless Benefits)
In the first of many more planned, unfathomable moves, the military has performed obscenely expensive, deeply pointless flyovers over COVID-ravaged New York in what was billed as "a touching display of American resolve." Residents pleading for masks, tests and a living wage were " overwhelmingly uninspired" by the shiny planes roaring over a still-9/11 traumatized city - "My God..the has planes now!" - especially as they flew over hospitals putting duct tape on their ventilators.
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What Would Jesus Do? (Not This)
Leading as ever by invaluable example, Mike Pence refused to wear a mask as he toured the Mayo Clinic Tuesday, though the alleged head of Trump's coronavirus task force knew the hospital's policy that all visitors wear masks per CDC guidelines, and the doctors, staff, patients all wore masks, and Pence was endangering them with either his ignorance or arrogance or boot-licking devotion to his idiot, real-men-don't wear-masks boss. What a shocker we now have over a million cases.
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