All Further Articles for 2020-04-23

Thursday, April 23, 2020
The Clorox Presidency: Lord Help Others To See the Truth!
It seems the origin story on Dr. Trump's latest, lunatic, light-and-Lysol cure is as bonkers as...everything else. Days earlier, he got a letter from the "archbishop" of the "Genesis II Church of Health and Healing," whose founder says he's a billion-year-old alien and which claims drinking its "sacramental Miracle Mineral Solution" - industrial bleach - cures AIDS, cancer, and now COVID-19. The feds just shut them down, but the Church of Bleach pleads, " Please pray for us." Umm, we think not.
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The Best People, Also Labradoodles
We take heart in the stellar team leading us in the current crisis, from the mad king to the new racist DHHS spokesman to one Brian Harrison, a former Texas dog breeder with no public health experience who it turns out Azar tapped to head the federal coronavirus task force, which maybe explains the weeks-long delays in testing and social distancing that experts say could have prevented 90% of the early deaths. Still, if you wanna know anything about Australian Labradoodles, he's your guy.
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