All Further Articles for 2020-04-07

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
We're Rolling/ My Sweetheart/ We're Flowing/ By God
Goddamn. We mourn the gut-punching loss of singular songwriter, storyteller, good ole boy and lovely human being John Prine, whose deep, wry, bittersweet songs of real life helped so many get through so much. The world feels emptier without his plain-spoken wit and grace and gift of being the saddest and funniest guy in the room by "saying the thing without ever saying the thing." A fan: "Thanks for being so much more than we could ever deserve." Yeah this old man is goin' to town.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
The Party of Lucifer
Proving Republicans will do anything to steal an election - and many people really hate them - thousands of Wisconsinites angrily, stoically stood in long lines and face masks to cast their votes after GOP lawmakers and judges refused to delay an election that threatened their health and rights. Images of the day: The GOP Speaker in full hazmat duds assuring voters, "You are incredibly safe!" and people waiting until dark in a thunderstorm during a pandemic to cast defiant, vote-or-die ballots.
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