Mr. Impeached Pretend President, What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?

Dr. Anthony Fauci takes a well-deserved break. Photo by EPA

So today this happened: In the first government assessment of how U.S. hospitals are coping with coronavirus, an internal watchdog report from the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found deadly shortages of crucial medical equipment, from thermometers to testing kits to ventilators to PPE, in 324 hospitals battling the outbreak, which to date has killed at least 10,908 Americans. Released on Monday and based on interviews conducted last week, the report said equipment sent from the federal government fell far short of what was needed and was sometimes not usable; it also found that a lack of or conflicting guidance from the feds has led to "confusion, fear and distrust" among beleaguered medical staff - even though on Saturday Trump, who was repeatedly, dramatically warned this was coming but persisted in ignoring the news because he is a manifestly unfit human being never mind leader, said hospital administrators are "really thrilled to be where they are."

Asked about the report from his own administration at Monday's lunatic spectacle, Trump lost it: He claimed the report was "wrong," assailed its author, savagely attacked/insulted several reporters who asked about it as "a disgrace," "horrid," "horrible," and blamed both Obama and George Bush. On the same day, he also signed an executive order to support mining and other commercial development of resources on the moon; it encourages building an international coalition to find and develop resources in outer space, but insists America gets first dibs. That evening, news surfaced that 1,500 medical workers including 500 nurses at Michigan's largest hospital have coronavirus symptoms due to lack of protection; over 700 employees at another Detroit hospital have also tested positive for COVID-19. How long will the insanity go on, at what cost, when will reporters name it, and can we offer a Nobel to the first who asks what the fuck this cretin is doing? For now, Jake Tapper comes closest, asking simply, earnestly, shockingly, "Is there a plan?" (for anything other than moon mining). A stunningly good question. 

We have the best generals, the best admirals, we have the best people. These are incredible leaders.” - Trump after a frustrated Chuck Schumer called for a coronavirus czar to organize the current shitshow.


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