All Further Articles for 2020-04-03

Friday, April 3, 2020
The Man Is A Hero
In a time when "a true patriot gets fired for doing the right thing," a Navy captain ousted for blowing the whistle on Navy inaction as coronavirus ravaged his crew walked off his ship to the stirring sound of thousands of sailors chanting, "Cap-tain Cro-zier!" Facing 1,000 cases, Capt. Brett Crozier "was wrongfully relieved of command but did right by the sailors" when he warned the outbreak could kill sailors "entrusted to our care.” His leadership, said one, made him "the man for the people.”
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With the Feds Missing In Action, Depending On the Kindness Of (RV-Owning) Strangers
More clusterfuck from a government eager to use its power to put kids in cages but now nowhere in sight: States in bidding wars for equipment, a cancelled warning system for pandemics, just-ordered golf carts. Blessedly, many have stepped into the vacuum, from kitchen-table mask-sewers to thousands of people lending their RVs to bone-weary doctors and nurses in need of refuge that won't infect their families - a tender, spontaneous exercise in "everything that is right and good in this world."
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