All Further Articles for 2020-03-25

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Cease and Desist
As Trump's lies and boasts and deadly fictions mount with the virus - we now have a record 82,404 cases - so does the urge to shut him up. A Seattle public radio station has stopped airing daily briefings that "offer no public benefit," and other media are cutting back and fact-checking. Still, the atrocities keep coming: Trump just sicced his goons on TV stations showing a Democratic ad that (accurately) cites his murderous lies, arguing it's "false" and "misleading." Because, priorities.
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Know That We Are Connected
Enough news for today, thanks. Time for a beauty/solace/sanity break to help us through. Amidst the multitude of random kindnesses underway in our besieged world: Expert advice on grief, inexpert dinosaurs on parade, lock-down concerts, quarantine birthdays, neighbors bearing whoopie pies, Yo Yo Ma's Songs of Comfort, and poetry á la Ferlinghetti's "I am signalling you through the flames." Lynn Ungar: Know that our lives/are in one another's hands/(Surely, that has come clear.)
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