So It's A Joke Not A Hoax: John Cornyn Is Nero Redux


 Stay classy, GOP

Man, these people. Appointing himself our first pandemic comedian, Texas Sen. John Cornyn made a funny on Twitter as he enjoyed a leisurely long weekend off, posting a photo of a Corona beer with lime and urging America not to panic because, "We will get us through this," because so far they've done such a stellar job. Meanwhile, hard-working House Democrats were passing an emergency coronavirus measure - to cover free tests, treatment and lost wages - which isn't law yet because Republicans left town and went on vacation for three days, and so what if in the U.S. there are now over 3,200 confirmed cases and 62 deaths and experts say Trump's bungles and lies could ultimately result in as many as 200 million cases and a million deaths? Still, good one John. Alas, people were not amused. "Why isn't he working today?" they asked. "So it's a joke,  not a hoax," they noted. "Help a far more serious human being beat him," they urged, given Cornyn faces a deservedly tough re-election battle against M.J. Hegar.

To be fair, Cornyn isn't the only sick joke of this regime. There's Texas' other clueless senator, currently unavailable for mocking the ill, frightened, and possibly unemployed because he's quarantined for the virus. There's Devin Nunes on Fox, telling people, "It's a great time to go out to your local restaurant!" and never mind all this social distancing nonsense. And there's the big orange sicko. Trump spent the day claiming, "We are doing very precise medical testing at airports - safety first!" amidst apocalyptic scenes of six-hour lines and reports of nearly impossible-to-get tests, re-tweeting about Benghazi/Clinton/her emails! - seriously? - and solemnly declaring a National Day of Prayer. Among the responses - "We are praying for your resignation," "We are praying for testing," "When is the National Day of Science?" - surely the most blessed was this: "I speak for the majority of Americans when I say go fuck yourself. Amen." Ditto for the pandemic that is Cornyn, Nunes, Cruz, McConnell, the entire GOP. Maya Angelou: "When people show you who they are (no matter how despicable), believe them the first time."


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