The Emperor's Clothes


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Heading into the week that will likely bring the fake exculpation of the fake president - and final, dismal, irrefutable proof of the GOP's utter moral bankruptcy - we cautiously seek solace where we can. And despite more criminal evidence daily surfacing - Look, more withheld Ukraine emails! Everyone at the NOAA was freaking out at Sharpiegate! - there is still improbable honor and hope to be found. There are the oft-forgotten demographic facts undermining the dark result: The House impeached a "president" who despite much GOP shrieking was in fact NOT "democratically elected"; a majority of Americans supports Trump's impeachment and removal, and a huge majority wanted witnesses in the trial; those members of a deeply unrepresentative Senate who voted for the cover-up represent millions fewer people than those who wanted justice; barely a quarter of Americans identify as part of an old, white, male, racist GOP, and their numbers have plunged 10% in three months. Facing off against them, meanwhile, much of the country - people in the streets, swarmers in the Senate, women, lawyers, pols - continues to sound off against the lies and crimes.

Above all, many argue the fake trial marks "the point of no return" for a GOP long "lost to reason and reality," with "something final and official about going on the record (that) facts don't matter and democracy (is) little more than an obstacle in the way of their efforts to maintain power." Historian Heather Cox Richardson argues this moment, and the national anger it's engendered, is reflected in a now-removed Wikipedia entry for U.S. Senate: "Formerly the upper chamber of died on January 31, 2020" when GOP senators "refused to stand up to a corrupt autocrat calling himself the president..." Writes Richardson of a complicit GOP, "Now they have gone too far, out in the open, and Americans (are) determined to take America back." Agreeing with Adam Schiff, she notes the GOP will now be tied to "Every. Single. Thing. That. Drops. From. Here. On. Out." Schiff's closing, dire warning to the GOP was as powerful as his "we are lost" speech: Citing the missing documents and silenced witnesses, he vowed, "The facts will come out in all of their horror." An equally ominous note came from Senate chaplain Barry Black - what separation of church and state? - before the GOP's final, damning vote. “Lord, help them to remember that they can’t ignore You and get away with it," he prayed. "For we always reap what we sow." A big amen to that.


Trump's "executive time" as imagined by Alison Jackson/Vanity Fair




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