Trump Burned To the Ground


Photos by Jure Makovec/AFP via Getty

Throwing some serious shade, unknown arsonists have burned down a macabre, 26-foot, wooden statue of Trump in Slovenia that had already been the target of threats, considerable mockery and hostile tractors. Erected last year in a village in Melania's birthplace, the statue bore a ghastly, vacant likeness to the actual living monstrosity; on weekends, when triggered, a mechanism inside opened a red mouth to expose shark-like teeth. Its creator, Tomaz Schlegl, said it represented a "populist" with two faces, one “humane and nice," the other "that of a vampire,” though odds seem good Schlegl has a. never consulted a dictionary for the meaning of "populist" and b. never met the consistently vampire-like Trump. The statue became both a tourist attraction and a bane to local villagers; one peeved farmer ran it over with his tractor, and after other disgruntled residents pledged to torch it by Halloween, it was moved to another village for safekeeping.


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But this week's perpetrators - whether in an act of artistic censure, civil disobedience or plain old Slovenian hijinks - had evidently had enough of Trump haunting their peaceful countryside, and literally burned the statue to the ground overnight. (Video captures a few gleeful whoops.) Milan Balazic, the mayor of Moravce where the statue ended up, called the torching a "symbol of intolerance toward artistic projects in our society." Others seemed to feel it was a symbol of intolerance toward Trump's own grievous intolerance, and maybe toward execrable artistic projects as well. Hence one comment: "He (or they) just killed the devil walking on earth. It was the right decision." The fiery destruction leaves one wooden Trump in Slovenia: a life-size Melania chainsaw-carved from a linden tree outside her hometown of Sevnica. This one's so bad - also faceless - it's been deemed "a scarecrow," "a Smurfette," "a parody," and "a disgrace.” Yes, they are. It's also the "art" and fate they deserve.


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