Cadet Bone Spurs Tells the People He Rips Off, Trash Talks, Exploits and Blocks They Are Why the Nation Thrives In Freedom, and It Does Not Go Well

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On this supremely incongruous Veterans' Day, Cadet Bone Spurs crawled into New York City wearing a bulletproof vest to stand before a modest crowd in a bullet/sound/boo/chant/tomato/reality-proof booth - which some aptly likened to a hockey penalty box - to sniffle and garble his way through an empty, florid, boastful speech, written by a minion and dumbly read off a teleprompter, declaring “This nation is forever in your debt...You are the reason our hearts swell with pride, our foes tremble with fear, and our nation thrives in freedom” and extolling "the righteous might of the American military" from which he and his slimy daddy assiduously got him 5 - count 'em five - free passes in order to avoid his own particular ugly imperial war born of that alleged "righteous might." Shameless hypocrisy, thy name is.
Even for Trump, it was a day of gob-smacking cognitive dissonance - this guy whose brothel-owning grandfather lost his German citizenship for evading the draft, whose KKK-belonging father paid some quack to invent bone spurs to keep his unvalorous offspring from Vietnam, whose party to date has blocked, thanks to Moscow Mitch's graveyard, 56 bills passed by the House aimed at helping veterans, including bills addressing homeless veteran families, economic opportunity, suicide prevention, health care transparency and counseling services. Trump himself, through his longstanding use-'em-and-toss-'em practice of exploiting veterans as political props, has sparked a massive Veterans Against Trump movement, likely starting with that time he stole almost three million dollars from a bogus veterans' charity event aimed at helping veterans "who have been treated so horribly by our all talk, no action politicians" just to avoid a GOP debate with Megyn Kelly, buy a smirking painting of himself, and cover more chairs in fake gold.
He's also done this: purloined millions more from veterans benefits to build his racist wall and buy more super-cool missiles; trash-talked Gold Star families and renowned combat veterans hapless enough to get captured and tortured in the war he happily skipped; blocked on Twitter the 550,000 members of VoteVets because some disagree with him - and maybe because, as of Monday, they've started a campaign declaring him a national security threat; sucked up to war criminals and North Korean generals; spent over a decade harassing New York pols to ban street vendors including many disabled veterans from selling their "deplorable" wares near his 5th Avenue gold palace "on this most important and prestigious shopping street,” even putting planters out front to ward off unsightly vet vendors, homeless and other "horrors" ruining "the beautiful ambience of the space which everyone loves so much”; skipped Armistice and Arlington events because his hair; possibly just fired or maybe didn't a decorated, truth-telling veteran for naming his treasonous misdeeds; and once evicted a veteran for having a small therapy dog.
So it was that, on Monday, he faced boos, whistle-blowing, protests by VetsVsHate, "chants of "Lock Him Up," "Traitor" and "New York Hates You," and huge signs in buildings facing him that read "IMPEACH" and "CONVICT." The bit of sweet justice facing our miscreant-in-chief was indeed welcome. But despite it, notes veteran, activist and former West Point prof Danny Sjursen, a new generation of young people continues to head off to America's hopeless, endless, illegal, obscenely-profitable-to-a-few-arms-makers global misadventures, still "carrying water for empire." He recalls facing his last class, realizing they, as he once did, believe they are "serving" their country, and breaking down. "My greatest fear, I said, was that their budding young lives might closely track my own journey of disillusionment, emotional trauma, divorce and moral injury. The thought that they would soon serve in the same pointless, horrifying wars, I told them, made me want to puke in a trash bin," he writes. And today, "My nightmare has come true." All told, too many nightmares linger; Trump is the first step.


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