All Further Articles for 2019-11-11

Monday, November 11, 2019
For The Simple Cause Of Justice
Chanting "Liberté Ou la Mort!" and bearing muskets, pitchforks and cane knives, over 500 black people marched 26 miles through former plantations in Louisiana this weekend to recreate this country's largest but long-overlooked slave uprising. The radical re-imagining by artist Dread Scott sought to focus on emancipation not oppression, to not just memorialize the slaves' history but to honor their agency, humanity and valor. "This is a freedom march," he says. "These people were heroes."
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Cadet Bone Spurs Tells the People He Rips Off, Trash Talks, Exploits and Blocks They Are Why the Nation Thrives In Freedom, and It Does Not Go Well
So the guy whose slimy daddy got him five free passes from our imperial wars, whose party has blocked 56 veterans' bills, who's stolen millions from vets' charities, trash-talked Gold Star families, blocked 500,000 VoteVets members, tried to ban disabled vets from selling their sad wares near his gold palace and once evicted a vet with a therapy dog was just booed and shunned at NYC's Veterans Day Parade as he extolled "the righteous might" of the US military. Shameless hypocrisy thy name is.
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