All Further Articles for 2019-09-03

Friday, September 6, 2019
Setting the Record Straight On Hurricanes, Grifters, Mensches
Remarkably - "it was the worst of times" - #Sharpiegate persists. An NOAA Trumpster said yup sure Alabama, the rest of NOAA and the world said WTF, the grifter's campaign started selling markers "to set the record straight," the free press said Trump is a loser buffoon, his thugs made a North-Korea-flavored video to say no way, and oh yeah 70,000 hurricane victims need life-saving help. Chef and humanitarian José Andrés is there feeding them. Note: Be like Andrés, not Donnie.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Village Idiot Offers Congrats To Poland For Nazi Invasion That Decimated Their Country and Killed Millions
Oh sweet God make it stop. After Trump declined to join a 40-nation ceremony in Poland marking the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion that launched the bloodiest war in history - he stayed home to "monitor" the hurricane, aka play golf - he sent a solemn, decorous message to the Polish people: "Congratulations!" He also praised them as "a great country with great people," a quarter of whom died in the aforementioned conflagration. Next up: Congrats to Japan for Hiroshima!
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