Go Home Cockroach


Why is this moronic man smiling?

On Wednesday, the sick lump of a president barged into two grieving towns that didn't want him, seeking warped glory like an oblivious hit man lumbering into his own crime scene with blood on his hands. From the start, it was ungodly bad and then some. Before leaving, he told reporters his rhetoric "brings people together," there's no "political" will for gun reform laws, and yes he's worried about hate groups like those nasty anti-fascists. In Dayton, protesters declared "You Are Why" as the press were barred from Trump's hospital visit to first responders and survivors because it wasn't a "photo op"; shortly after, he posted a bunch of slimy-fake-grin, mini-thumbs-up, staggeringly inappropriate photos of himself with blindingly white men in uniforms in an apparent attempt to look presidential. In El Paso, where Trump was shunned by local officials, he barred the media again, boasted he'd just had a Nazi rally there where he could have filled the arena four times but still hasn't paid his bills, and senselessly waved at angry protesters who chanted, "Send Him Back!" and carried signs reading, "Racist Go Home," "El Paso Strong," "Trump Repent," "Do Something," and "Go Home Cockroach." At the hospital, all eight victims still there refused to meet with him.

Among the 22 victims El Paso is mourning - see BloodOnTrumpsHands - were Jordan Anchondo, 25, and her husband Andre, 24, both killed as they tried to shield their two-month-old son Paul from the shooter. That Saturday morning, they departed the new home Andre had just finished building, left their two-year-old daughter with her grandfather, dropped off Jordan's five-year-old daughter Skylin at cheerleading, and headed to Walmart to buy school supplies and food for Skylin's birthday party that evening, as well as a belated housewarming and anniversary celebration. When the gunfire erupted, Jordan fell onto the baby, and Andre threw himself over her; only Paul survived, with broken fingers. Amidst the chaos, the family issued a tearful plea to find Andre, who later died at the hospital; a GoFundMe campaign to raise $5,000 for the children now has over $100,000. When the family finally brought baby Paul home, he still had his mother's blood on him, said Jordan's aunt Elizabeth Terry. Still stunned, she asks, "How do parents go school shopping,  and then die shielding their baby from bullets?" Such questions do not trouble the blithe inciter of terror: His brief show over, he touted “the love and respect for the office of the presidency” he'd seen on his trip and proclaimed it "an amazing day." Man, we're tired of this shit.


A real president greeting mourners after Sandy Hook


The many racist faces of Trump




Jordan Anchondo with baby Paul


Andre and Paul


Update: Melania just posted another grinning-thumbs-up photo from blood-spattered El Paso, this time as she clutched  baby Paul; the White House reportedly requested he be brought back to the hospital, broken hand and all, so these monsters could have a gruesome photo op with him. Best response: "Macabre assholes beyond compare."

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