Ask the State Dept: If My Family Is Rather Tan, Will They Be Mistaken For the Brown Criminal Infestaton Your President Fears, and Can They Choose the Size of Their Cage?


Jesus blesses the children. Sessions forgot about that part.

The kids are still in cages, there's evidently no backup plan, and the hollow self-serving lies just keep issuing from the sick ghouls in charge: "We're just our job," "The kids have TV and it's just like summer camp," "This is nothing like the Nazis because they were trying to keep Jews from leaving” - all of which confirms, if we needed it, "This is some Orwellian shit." And thanks to its raving barbarism and the bottomless moral bankruptcy behind it, the righteous wrath continues to grow. Pushback has come from almost 80 former U.S. Attorneys, who wrote a scathing letter to Evil Elf Sessions calling out the lies, the trauma, the immorality and illegality and concluding, "The unfolding tragedy falls squarely on your shoulders."

Protesting that "unconscionable" tragedy, the governors of three states - Massachusetts, Colorado and New York - have also rescinded their promise to deploy National Guard troops and other support resources to the US/Mexico border; California's Gov. Jerry Brown already said he would pull members of the Guard from border duty so as not to be complicit in ripping families apart. And in a delightfully celestial move against both the policy and his egregious cherry-picking of Scriptures to justify it, 600 Methodist clergy and laity have brought rare church law charges against Sessions, a fellow United Methodist, accusing him of child abuse; immorality; racial discrimination, and “dissemination of doctrines contrary to the established standards" of the church.

Amidst the furor, the heedless cretins of the regime proved their tone-deaf ineptitude by scheduling a live Facebook Q and A session with Carl and Kim, two white blobs from the State Department's Passport Services, to answer questions, offer tips for traveling with children, and "ensure your vacation this summer goes smoothly!" Many people, it turned out, had questions for "the venal scum in the White House." Samples: Do airlines require cages fit under seats or do they go in cargo? Should kids be crate trained/be pre-stamped with tracking numbers/ bring their own foil blankets/bring earplugs to drown out the screams of other kids being torn from their parents? Can kids decorate their cages for birthdays? Are there nut-free cages? Are there bigger cages if my kids are half white? Just how brown does your skin have to be to get kidnapped? What is your target age for the orchestra? Do kids get to keep their gold fillings? Do toddlers get a trial before being imprisoned for their crimes? What do you recommend doing when the government tells you they are taking your children for a "bath" and never returns them? Is there any way to ensure my 5-year-old daughter - who's white and adorable - isn't raped and is there some sort of lottery system? Are there special camps for kids with two moms? Traveling to the Netherlands; any chance I can see any of you in the Hague?

 One final, eerie, artful act of resistance: A photography project titled "Sueno Americano," or American Dream, by Tom Kiefer, who for several years worked as a janitor at a Border Patrol facility in Ajo, Arizona, about 40 miles from the Mexican border. Kiefer searched extensively in trash cans at the facility, turning up "incomprehensible" numbers of things left behind by immigrants trying to enter this country - piles of rosaries, wallets, belts, toothbrushes, baseball caps, Bibles, hair brushes. Then he photographed them - ghostly echoes of Auschwitz - as part of a project sponsored by the photojournalism agency The Story Institute. He admits he finds the images, and the abundance in them, "inherently disturbing." They are also instructive: "These are pictures of how people and their personal belongings are treated." Carefully, he adds, "If someone wants to judge the ethics and morality of all this, it is up to them to decide what is right and what is wrong and, if they choose to do so, to act upon those feelings."


Rosaries left at the border


Glasses left at Auschwitz

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