All Further Articles for 2018-06-19

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Bodies On the Gears: Occupying ICE
Bearing signs declaring “Will Trade Racists for Refugees,” Portland, Oregon activists protesting Trump's horrors against immigrant families held a vigil Sunday at a local ICE facility - and then decided to stay. By Wednesday, after temporarily blockading ICE officers inside, their burgeoning occupation - 30 tents, kitchen, library, barricades, medical tent, stashes of food and water - had forced ICE to shut down its operations "due to security concerns."
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Ask the State Dept: If My Family Is Rather Tan, Will They Be Mistaken For the Brown Criminal Infestaton Your President Fears, and Can They Choose the Size of Their Cage?
The kids are still in cages, but the righteous wrath grows. Pushback has come from almost 80 former U.S. Attorneys, several state governors, many religious leaders and, in a truly celestial move, 600 Methodists who've charged Evil Elf Sessions with child abuse and immorality. In the midst of the furor, the ghouls in the W.H. proved their chillingly tone-deaf ineptitude by hosting a live Facebook chat to answer questions about safe summer travel with your kids. They got some humdingers.
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