Trump's Version of Winning the War Is Evicting Older and Vulnerable Tenants To Make More Money


Photo from Twitter feed of Jacob Soboroff

About that grotesque faux mural of Dear Leader at the detention center - aka internment camp - in Brownsville, Texas where they are being forcefully held for wanting a better life : Photos have shown the baffling Trump quote, “Sometimes losing a battle you find a new way to win the war,” in both English and Spanish. Turns out the quote, from 1987's "Art of the Deal," references his failed attempt to evict tenants, many of them older and on fixed incomes, from their rent-controlled homes so he could tear down the building and replace it with a glitzy high-rise condo complex. MSNBC's horrified Jacob Soboroff said the former Wal-Mart, where kids are essentially incarcerated, is strewn with murals of other presidents offering inspiring quotes - Obama: “We are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too” - but traumatized kids entering their new hell hole are inexplicably greeted by the heedless cretin who put them there.

Given the repugnant backstory, it's unclear who in their right mind thought the quote an apt one. Trump's plan to evict about 60 tenants was stymied after they and the city filed a flurry of lawsuits against him that took years to settle.  In 1985, the New York Times cites court papers describing some of Trump's alleged tactics to force people out of their homes: "threats of imminent demolition,” "spurious litigation,” "drastic decreases in essential services,” "persistent delay in repairing defective conditions with life-threatening potential,” "instructing employees to obtain information about the private lives (and) sex habits of the tenants,” and "engaging in a psychological tug- of-war to wear the tenants down which has had a deleterious effect upon the health and well-being of said tenants." In the press, Trump vowed to keep fighting in the third person - “Trump is not going to be harassed” - but ultimately gave up. In the book, by Tony Schwartz, who later called Trump "a fugue of failure, a farce of fumbling and bumbling," he somehow spun it into a victory. Don't ask. But the farce continues.



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