In (Nasty) Bed With Fossil Fuel


Calling out perhaps the swampiest of Trump's many swamp monsters, Greenpeace marked World Environment Day by presenting EPA head Scott Pruitt, master of the ethics scandal and arch-enemy of the environment he's being paid to protect not trash, with his very own used Pillowtop mattress (ewww, wait, WTF?) from Trump International Hotel, just like he asked one of his aides to find along with all the other inappropriate tasks he set them, which might be why two of them resigned today.

But back to the entertaining if icky mystery of the malodorous mattress: Noting that Pruitt has met with energy industry officials 25 times more often than environmental groups, Greenpeace went and bought an actual used mattress from Trump Hotel - no gory details on the how of it - and delivered it, decked out in Wes-Andersonesque-hotel-bellhop costume, to Pruitt at EPA headquarters. Pruitt has been in bed with so many fossil fuel lobbyists, the activists figured, he probably wore out his old one. No word yet on the response from Pillowtop Pruitt.


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