I Am Not Resisting!

From KGW-TV footage

Another ugly, fractious day in a falling empire. Marion County Sheriff's deputies near Salem, Oregon were caught on video arresting and brutally assaulting Kevin Straw, 28, a slight, homeless, clearly mentally ill man after he kept yelling outside a police command post where they were coordinating a search for two missing people (who turned up just fine.) Police twice told Straw, who had reportedly been walking the streets warning strangers about a cougar, that he had to leave. When he returned, in footage captured by KGW-TV of Portland, Ore., four sheriffs threw him to the ground; within seconds, one beefy thug began punching him up to 20 times in the head as Straw screamed, "I am not resisting! I am not resisting!" and "Help!" "I came to warn you about the cougar," he yelled at one point. "It's hurting people."
The sheriff's office said deputies "were left with no choice but to" arrest Straw for disrupting a search and rescue mission, resisting arrest, and having a fixed-blade knife (which he didn't use). Officials said Straw is homeless, and was diagnosed in 2016 with anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and being on the autism spectrum. After the video surfaced, some police suggested punching someone many times in the head might be useful to "distract" them; for Oregon's ACLU director, "If that doesn't represent excessive force, I'm not sure what does." The sheriff's office released names of the ultimately five deputies involved: Derrick Ramseyer, Dave Zahn, Ethan Griffith, Jake Thompson and Mark Ferron;   Thompson, who gets off punching harmless ill people, has been temporarily reassigned to non-patrol duties. Meanwhile, footage of the incident is being "reviewed." After that, we suggest getting all the other sadistic goons off the street - they're hurting people. Warning: Video is distressing.

Situation moments before police were "left with no choice but to" attack Straw

We know things are bad. We know it's worth the fight.

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