Loudly and Proudly Celebrating The Anthem (That the Bullshitter-In Chief Doesn't Know) Except For Those Two Guys Who Took A Knee


Back in the day in Nazi Germany

The final icing on our lying, ludicrous narcissist's I'm-Just-Gonna-Take-My-Ball-and-Anthem-and-Go-Home cake that was Tuesday's "celebration" of enforced and no-commie-Eagles patriotism: Even as Donnie was leering and dumbly bobbing his head as his blindingly white crowd of third-tier White House staffers obediently sang, hands on heart, of our democracy's wonders, at least two men took a defiant knee to protest the debacle. One kneeled, got up and silently left, politely declining to give his name to Jesper , a reporter for TV 2 Denmark; the moment was filmed by Carina Bergfeldt, a White House correspondent for Swedish television, and widely viewed. CNN's Noah Gray tweeted footage of another unnamed protester who kneeled, then shouted at Trump, “Stop hiding behind the armed services and the national anthem!" He added, "Let's hear it for the Eagles!" We'd add, "Stop doing anything, please." For starters, that includes mangling our patriotic songs, moron.

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