All Further Articles for 2018-05-24

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Deal of the Day! Get Your Korean Summit That Isn't Happening Collectible At New Low Prices!
The ill-fated "peace summit" with North Korea has gone the way of so many other Trump Amateur Hour efforts, but we still have the tacky merch: A commemorative coin with multi-chinned Kim Jong Un and Trump facing off amidst flags and gold and chintzy swirls. And prices have been slashed! The White House gift shop was originally selling the collectible, well in time for the Nobel ceremony, for $24.95. Now it's $19.95 - cheap, just like how this inept administration's selling out democracy.
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Pretty Sure US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Just Ate Eye Booger
While waiting alongside other administration officials and lawmakers before a scheduled event at the White House on Thursday morning, a live video stream captured what appeared to be billionaire capitalist and U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross scraping something from the corner of his eye and then putting it in his mouth. Seemed like an eye booger, but impossible to know for sure. Pretty sure U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross just ate an eye booger on national television. No big deal, but when you see these things it’s important to share. — Common Dreams (@commondreams) May 24, 2018 You decide: So... what the hell was that? — Common Dreams (@commondreams) May 24, 2018 Perhaps there's a reasonable explanation, but it seems to the casual observer that this could be categorized as an embarrassing moment you wouldn't want put on the internet or shared widely. However, there's a lot of things in life that are unpleasant. Like having Wilbur Ross serve as Commerce Secretary.
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Patriotism Is Earned By A Nation That Lives Up To Its Promises: Just Ask Sterling Brown
The debacle of the new NFL policy penalizing teams whose players "do not stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem" - aka "white supremacy at its finest" by punishing "the definition of patriotism " - is even more grotesque coming the same day that Milwaukee police released video showing a hostile swarm of cops tasing and arresting the Milwaukee Bucks' Sterling Brown for the crime of parking sloppily. If you want to understand why players take a knee, watch the video.
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