Patriotism Is Earned By A Nation That Lives Up To Its Promises: Just Ask Sterling Brown

Patriotism is not blind submission. AP photo
The debacle of the new NFL policy penalizing teams whose players take a knee or "do not stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem" in order to protest a system of institutionalized oppression and brutality in the policing of communities of color - aka "white supremacy at its finest" in its punishing of "the definition of patriotism " - is that much more grotesque coming the same day that Milwaukee police released video showing a hostile swarm of cops tasing and arresting the Milwaukee Bucks' Sterling Brown for the crime of parking sloppily. The video of Brown from Jan. 26 was deemed "shameful and inexcusable" by a police department compelled to release it after an investigation; they said the officers involved have been "disciplined," but not enough in the eyes of Brown or anyone else who can't remember ever seeing a white athlete get assaulted by police for parking across three spaces. Want to understand why players take a knee? Watch the video.

"In the internment camps, we were forced to face the U.S. flag each morning and recite the Pledge of Allegiance from behind barbed wire fences. Patriotism is earned by a nation that lives up to its promises. It is our sacred duty always to speak out when it does not. -

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