Deal of the Day! Get Your Korean Summit That Isn't Happening Collectible At New Low Prices!


The ill-fated "peace summit" with North Korea may have gone the dismal way of so many other Trump Amateur Hour efforts, but we still have the tacky merch - specifically, a commemorative coin with multi-chinned Kim Jong Un and Trump facing off amidst flags, gold and a swirling "Peace Talks" banner. Kim gets the title "Supreme Leader," though, really, it could've just as easily gone to the other guy. And now you can get both these tinpot dictators, memorialized in a chintzy gimcrack, at newly slashed prices. The White House gift shop was originally selling the collectible, in a black velvet case, for $24.95, but on Thursday, shortly after Trump's garbled announcement that all bets on nuclear annihilation are off, it announced the coin as the “deal of the day” for just $19.95 - cheap, just like they're selling out democracy.

Recognizing the uncertainty of life in Trump World, the site noted that the coin "will be made whether or not the summit occurs” because “the theme is coming close to peace and celebrates the act of communication among countries." If you're not down with communication among countries, refunds will be available, it adds, but most supporters want "this heirloom of political history," aka folly. Just then the site reportedly crashed; it was unclear if the traffic was from John Bolton fans wanting their money back or E-Bay entrepreneurs stocking up. Either way, social media duly noted the swift failure of the allegedly great and savvy negotiator. “Kim Jong Un played Trump and won," wrote Wajahat Ali.‏ "The bar is so low for Trump and he still can't slither under it.” Others suggested alternative uses for the now-useless baubles - give 'em to Dennis Rodman, tell Don Jr. they're chocolate. Or maybe just tell Trump, who loves shiny objects, his Nobel Peace Prize has arrived, and he can go home now.


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