Déjà Vu All Over Again: America Makes Torture Great Again, and Arrests Those Who Oppose It

Arresting the wrong guys in a soul-sick country. Getty photo

God knows it's been macabre enough to see the war criminals and psychopaths of our past come crawling out of their caves. Here comes Oliver North, new gunrunner for the NRA, smearing the activism of the Parkland kids as "civil terrorism," whining that gun freaks are oppressed just like black people were, and sneering of all Iranians that, "If their lips are moving, they are lying." Then we get Richard Nixon in hologram form via Mike Pence - "America’s most repulsive public figure....the authentic voice of today’s lickspittle Republican Party...(representing) groveling as governing," according to, in this currently very weird world, none other than George Will - insisting no crimes have been committed so let's just wrap up this witch hunt business.

Finally, the ever-ghoulish Dick Cheney slithers out of his primordial muck, ears perked to the potential sound of waterboarding, to praise Gina Haspel and happily insist that Torture Is Us. Americans were duly horrified to see Cheney still above ground: "Someone mentions torture and a drooling Dick Cheney pops out of a trash can...Cheney/Voldemort 2020... Today, Dick Cheney is talking torture. Welcome to The Last People We Want to Hear From Week....Fuck right off forever." His presence felt more obscene after a swarm of Capitol cops dragged 78-year-old CIA whistleblower Ray McGovern out of Haspel's hearing for denouncing her torturous history; he was charged with resisting arrest and unlawfully disrupting Congress. McGovern's arrest brings to two the number of people  jailed for any act related to America's torture program. The other was whistleblower John Kiriakou. Neither one is Cheney. Or Bush, or Rumsfeld, or Yoo, or Gonzalez, or Bloody Gina Haspel, or....

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