All Further Articles for 2018-05-07

Monday, May 7, 2018
Kids, Be Best Just Like Melania At Plagiarism and Stupefying Hypocrisy About the Well-Being of Children
In another day of unfathomable cognitive dissonance, an oblivious Melania unveiled her (stolen) initiative to keep kids safe from cyberbullying and drugs so they can "do all they can to be best in everything" just as Jeff Sessions announced a policy to rip immigrant kids from their parents and lock them up - "We will not capitulate to lawlessness" - and Trump said he wants to strip $7 billion from children's health care to help pay for his tax giveaway. Too much winning for kids today.
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To Be Heard and To Be Seen: UK Drag Queens Fight Back Against Trump
To help ease us into another week of our national debacle comes news of a wide-ranging "carnival of resistance" by UK groups mobilizing for Trump's planned visit there in July. Declaring his normalization of racism, bigotry and misogyny "an exceptional danger," a "March of Millions" will deliciously include a Drag Protest to celebrate diversity, because, "If we can be accepted as the extreme glittery spectacles that we are, it might make it easier for everyone else to be themselves too."
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