On Witch Hunts and Collusion: What Is This "Truth" Of Which You Speak?


In blessed synchronicity, the same day the Liar-In-Chief issued more wild whoppers in response to the New York Times leaking - maybe thanks to his own legal team - 49 questions nice Mr. Mueller wants to ask him, news came of a related milestone in his reign: Trump has now told 3,000 lies. His latest achievement featured his favorite themes - "Fake news! False stories! Truly bad people!" - to support his claim that Mueller included "No questions on Collusion" (oh please read Strunk and White on basic punctuation). In reality, there were multiple such queries, cleverly addressing obstruction of justice without using the term: Questions about the Trump Tower meeting, Russian hacking, Russian sanctions, campaign outreach to Russia etc. They led inexorably, in Trump's big brain filled with big words, to his conclusion, "It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened! Witch Hunt!"

Fortuitously, Trump's assurance of his absolute innocence arrived just as the fact-checkers at the Washington Post offered an update on the egregiously mendacious state of the union. We all know Trump will lie about anything, from the petty - the backstory of that yellow rat on his head - to the potentially catastrophic - whether Iran has nuclear weapons. Still, the Post's numbers are startling. In the last 466 days, Trump has made at least 3,001 "false or misleading claims," averaging nearly 6.5 lies a day - up 32.6% from his first 100 days, when he was telling just 4.9 lies per day. Even scarier, on his Trumpiest days he has lied up to 53 times a day. 53 lies. In one day.

By obsessing repeatedly over some of the same pesky facts that just won't budge - there are 113 false claims he's made at least three times - he impressively upped his total tally. He's lied about the tax cut 72 times, the fake Russia probe 53 times (90 if you call it something else besides "fake"), DACA and who did what to whom 41 times, and his stupid friggin' wall 34 times. He's also been found to have already broken at least 30% of his campaign promises, but at this point so nu?

At this point, though, so nu becomes the troubling issue. Given so much lying, lunacy, incompetence and corruption, wonders The Rude Pundit, have we gradually grown inured to it? Having heard, in Michigan,  Trump's recent "ragingly unhinged speech...if by 'speech,' you mean, 'a long, dark ride into the gaping mouth of madness with a jabbering, methed-out orangutan driving," he muses that, "This is how we live now, with a constant stream of outrage that has grown into white noise." White noise soothes; its purpose is to mask or block unpleasant, distracting, jarring sounds, like the crumbling of the republic at the hands of a lying tinpot wannabe despot. One more time: This is not normal.


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