Reminder To Rabid Georgia Police Attacking Anti-Fascist Protesters: The Nazis Are the Bad Guys

Screenshot of confused cops

 Because it wasn't bad enough to have neo-Nazis with the National Socialist Movement descend on little ole Newnan, GA to honor Hitler's birthday - note to oblivious law enforcement: Inappropriate Celebration Alert - the authorities gathered over 700 combat-ready, riot-gear-swaddled, assault-weapon-bearing cops - to one observer, “the most over-aggressive policing” he’d ever seen - along with helicopters, drones and urban assault vehicles no doubt fresh from the blood-soaked ruins of Fallujah, which it seems we've abandoned so hell let's use all this slick hardware in Murica instead amirite? Saturday's rally only drew about 20 Nazis of an expected 100; many were armed with weapons and shields. Their stage was contained by a fence, thus keeping it separate from hundreds of unarmed, sometimes masked, mostly young anti-Fascist protesters, kids drawing unicorns on the street, and other residents holding an inter-faith Peace in the Park rally to say no to the Nazis' hate-mongering message.

Still, in the excitement of the clearly inadequately trained moment, many police chose to focus on the protesters. Disturbing video shows cops shoving them, screaming at them, thrusting their assault weapons in their faces, and ultimately throwing them face down on the ground to arrest them, often out of view of media - prompting outraged chants to escalate from "Hands Up Don't Shoot" to "We Are People, What the Fuck Are You?" In a final irony, police eventually arrested at least 10 protesters - no Nazis - under an obscure, rarely enforced 1951 law banning masks that was originally designed to keep the KKK out of town. After video of the violent scene sparked backlash, the police chief defended the actions of the assembled, gonzo-militarized throngs:  “We maintained security. We would not let there be disorder...We are absolutely satisfied.” Many others were not. Sample query:  "Nazis carrying weapons = A-OK. Gotta protect their rights. Nazi protesters wearing masks = Knock them down and point weapons at them. WTF is wrong with this country?"

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