Trump Through the Looking Glass


After yet another up-is-down proclamation from the alternative reality that is Trump World - his Earth Day insistence that take-no-prisoners capitalism will save the planet - it's enlightening if terrifying to view two wildly divergent videos that surfaced shortly after the weekend's presidential trip to Key West, which was met with big crowds whose political proclivities were evidently open to interpretation. The first, posted by Occupy Democrats and some local media, shows protesters lining the route of the seemingly endless - did we mention expensive? - motorcade; as it takes a corner, the crowds' politely reproachful chants of "Love Trumps Hate" quickly morph into furious screams of "Fuck You! FUCK YOUUUUUU!"

The next day, a second video of the same scene was posted by Trump and, subsequently, right-wing bots and websites touting the "crowds of supporters flocking" to see Sick Donnie. That video shows similar roadside throngs, but these are adoring, grateful, flag-waving, dreamily slo-mo and mercifully silent from inside the sealed vehicle; in place of the fierce chorus of Fuck Yous comes floating the rhapsodic Lee Greenwood anthem, "God Bless the USA" -  "And I'm proud to be an American/Where at least I know I'm free." Because of course, Trump bragged about the incredible "inspiring" crowds with the ever-eloquent, "Even the media will have to say that was quite something." But what? A deeply disturbing sign you can pay someone to make a patriotic deodorant ad from a righteous cry of collective rage at the ravaging of our country, and then believe it.

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