Long May She Wave


The finger seen round the world. Photo by AFP/Getty

Having exercised her state-and-Constitutionally-protected right to "fundamental political speech" by "extending her middle finger” in the direction of the motorcade bearing our Moron-In Chief to his forever golf game and then been swiftly fired from her job for it, heroic patriot Juli Briskman is now suing her former employer, government contracting firm Akima LLC, for their "un-American" act. A single mom to two teenagers, Briskman was riding her bike in Virginia last year when Trump's motorcade drove past; like any red-blooded, reasonable, empathetic and disgusted American, she gave him and it the finger in a photo that among a deeply discontented population went viral faster than you could say oh-please-please-get-this-fucking-cretin-out-of-our-lives-NOW. Ever honorable, Briskman even told her bosses the image shot from the back was in fact her. Because good deeds never go etc, they canned her.

Briskman's suit - seeking a paltry $2,692 for two weeks of severance she was promised but never got - was filed by attorneys with the Virginia-based Geller Law Group and Protect Democracy, a nonprofit "dedicated to preventing our democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government." They argue Akima's firing of Briskman for “core political speech” violates both state and Constitutional law; it also commits "autocratic capture," a common offense in oppressive countries like Russia and Turkey where the private sector facilitates the of dissent out of fear of government retaliation. A host of high-profile legal scholars agree; so does Briskman, who considers  it "unlawful and un-American” to  "let the government use your own tax dollars to buy your off-duty obedience.” "I fully expect to win my case," she says. "And a win for me, in this case, is a win for Democracy."


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