Schools In America In the Blood-Soaked Year of Our Ostensible Lord 2018

Photo by Avaaz

Gutless Trump's already caved and returned to groveling at the gory feet of the NRA, but the brave kids and their supporters fight on for gun reform. They have remained steadfast and eloquent in media interviews, calmly noting to those who would dismiss them, "We’ve been locked in a classroom. We have seen our friends text their parents goodbye. We are the experts.” Actions against the madness continue to pop up around the country, like billboards in Florida proclaiming, "The NRA Is A Terrorist Organization." A National School Walkout planned for Wednesday promises to draw hundreds of thousands of kids. Those from Marjory Stoneman Douglas are still speaking out - and ripping the hypocrisy of opportunistic pols like Betsy DeVos - as are their parents. Last weekend, Manuel Oliver, father of victim Joaquin Oliver, was filmed furiously painting a mural with his son’s image and the decree, "We Demand A Change."

Teachers are likewise raising their voices on behalf of their students, those "canaries in the coal mines" of America's murderous landscape who have endured years of shootings and lockdown drills - aka practising for their own deaths. A Pittsburgh teacher described a drill in her classroom of 1st to 5th graders as they cried, panted, clutched hands, asked to be held, sat staring and "casket quiet" and whimpered, "When will it be over?" Afterwards, when she turned the lights back on and announced, "Let's get back to work," she "was greeted with blank faces... petrified faces.... tear stained faces... confused faces...and one 'bitch REALLY?' face. This is teaching in 2018. And no... I don't want a gun #teacherlyfe."

Another teacher views the sense of betrayal and despair that "drives a child to pick up weapons of war and wantonly kill" as "the failure of the American Dream played out in blood" - a failure that teachers alone cannot possibly remedy. "We are martyring our children on the altar of society’s failed promises," she charges, "and then we wonder why they keep coming back with guns in their hands." But


Manuel Oliver, father of shooting victim Joaquin Oliver, furiously paints a mural for his son and other victims.

— Lex Michael (@lexforchange) March 11, 2018

Part of an exhibit by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo

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