The Presidency As Grifting and Golfing


In less than shocking news, it seems the Grifter-In-Chief is still at it with a tawdry vengeance. This weekend, he spent his 100th day at one of his own rates-jacked-to-the-sky golf courses, having thus now spent a quarter of his time in office trying to hit a small ball into a small hole at an unholy cost to taxpayers of over $56 million and counting. On Saturday, he played at his West Palm Beach course, golfing through the uproar over his latest debacles - Mueller gaining, Kushner flailing, Hicks leaving, Dreamers struggling, North Korea glowering, a possible trade war hovering - just like he golfed through the Parkland funerals and Martin Luther King Day and Hawaii freaking out and millions of Americans in Puerto Rico without power or water for months. In the words of Shakespeare, Play on, Macdouche.

Now, the feckless minions of the Trump Organization have gone one crude step further, ordering the manufacture of dozens of new tee markers for Trump golf courses emblazonedwith the once-lofty Presidential seal. Pro Publica reports the Indiana-based Eagle Sign and Design got an order for the 12-inch replicas, which would mark where you stand to start at each hole. Tacky like those 45s stitched into Donnie's shirt cuffs. Also illegal: Federal law forbids the manufacture or use of the seal “or any facsimile thereof” for anything other than official government business; misuse is a criminal offense punishable by up to six months in prison. The law, says one ethics expert, "is an expression of the idea that government authority should not be used for private purpose"; its goal is to fend off any scumbags who, as improbable as it seems, might want to pimp out the Presidency. Oh wait. Too late.



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