The Savage Sickos Among Us

Giddily opening the floodgates. Trump's White House hid the photo; PBS dug it out.

Amidst the searing drama of the last week, many heroes have arisen: Those extraordinary Parkland kids with their eloquent fury who have been steadfastly organizing, marching, speaking out, confronting the slimy greed of lawmakers like Rubio before a national audience that's been waiting too long for their courageous ilk; the community members, teachers, doctors, fellow-advocates for sanity and parents willing to stand up and fight for children who no longer have a voice because they were shot in the back last week by a weapon of war; the sheriff at CNN's town hall who kept firmly insisting no, the problem isn't law enforcement or mental illness or school security - there are just too many guns.

The ghouls have crawled out too. Heinously standing out among the wingnut cynics and twisted opportunists is our Grifter-In-Chief, who "only hears the NRA," maybe 'cause they gave him $30 million. Thus at his surreal "listening session" did he need to clutch a cheat sheet coaxing him to listen; urge the arming in schools of "gun-adept" teachers and former Marines, an idea floated by Fox News based on a right-wing meme; blame "monsters" and "savage sickos" for the carnage he helped unleash by blocking an Obama rule preventing those with serious mentally illness from buying guns - and hiding the photo of his gleeful signing until today, when it surfaced - and insisting, just to make sickeningly clear who he is, "The NRA are great people and Great American Patriots." Which must be why they  released a video doubling down on blaming the bloodletting on the media, which "loves mass shootings." Man. Has the line between the right and wrong sides of history ever been clearer?

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