Worst Ever. Resist Bigly.


New York. Getty Image

Americans spent this President's Day wishing we had one, honoring the 44 former actual ones, especially the last, we did have, suggesting a few enticing fictional contenders - Vote For Lisa Simpson! - and marching in "Not My President" actions across the country to protest the hollow sick shell of a human being now occupying the once-lofty office. Meanwhile, the Sociopath-In-Chief played golf an hour's drive away from where the first of the latest victims of his NRA-funded travesty were being mourned and buried. And after just one ugly, tattered, inept, felonious year in office, he has already been declared by 170 political pundits the worst president in history, coming in last even after James Buchanon, who presided over the start of the Civil War. What a surprise. Said no one ever.




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