Plunge: To Descend Abruptly or Precipitously, As A Cliff, Road, Etc

Plunge: To Descend Abruptly or Precipitously, As A Cliff, Road, Etc


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Man. It's hard to come back to the news after a break, especially when it seems the shrapnel from the slo-mo cataclysm of this presidency is flying and drifting everywhere. Take Monday (please), which offered the grotesque spectacle of unending idiocy, arrogance, menace and misinterpretation so loopy it would be laughable if it wasn't so terrifying. The growing backlash to the flop that was the much-hyped Nunes memo was at least intriguing, suggesting the whole nothingburger could backfire.

Despite Trump declaring it totally vindicates ‘Trump’” even Repubs are essentially saying not so fast buddy; the House Intelligence Committee just voted to release its rebuttal; Nunes' Democratic challenger for his California House seat, Andrew Janz, just raised over $100,000 in two days; and thanks to an anonymous trickster, the site currently redirects to Janz' homepage. Janz says he didn't do it but is "pleasantly surprised" by the boost.

Meanwhile, like Nunes, Il Duce keeps shooting himself in his teeny foot. In Ohio, his equating Democrats' pallid applause to his SOTU speech with treason was so over-the-top it even drew the ire of rightwing pundit Bill Kristol, who called him "buffoonish but dangerous." Sen. Tammy Duckworth did better, citing her oath to protect the Constitution, "not to mindlessly cater to the whims of Cadet Bone Spurs and clap when he demands." Even trolled him: "T

1,175 points, the biggest loss in six years - proving to many Trump "has no idea what he's doing" - they offered, "Plunge: To descend abruptly or precipitously, as a cliff, road, etc.

Donald Trump Dow Jones. + Donald Trump has never done business with Dow Jones. + Dow Jones was just a low-level campaign volunteer who never got the coffee orders correct."

Thus did the day end as it started: With unceasing, deeply disturbing misrepresentation of the facts. Trump spent his morning trashing Democrat Adam Schiff because he dares to disagree with him - see "forever 10-year-old" - and mindbendingly misconstruing the message of UK protesters marching for more, not less, universal health care. Is he stupid? Is he evil? Is he unhinged? Does it matter which? Not to "People in the UK march to stop the NHS from being turned into the fucking shit-show you have in the US, you odious little fishfart," he fumed. "When I had cancer, I didn’t have to sell my shitting house to pay to stay alive. So close your puckered piehole, you donk." Word.


The Dow as Dear Leader boasted


Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States


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