Behold: Divine Intervention for Michele Bachmann Straight From God's Lips, If She Has Them

Behold: Divine Intervention for Michele Bachmann Straight From God's Lips, If She Has Them


Because of course, Minnesota wingnut, Trump evangelical "advisor" and screechy enemy of Obamacare Michele Bachmann recently said she was looking for a sign from her besty God before deciding if she was "being called" to run for Al Franken's vacant seat in the Senate. Bachmann served eight years in Congress and unsuccessfully ran for president in 2012 at God's urging; her primary goal was to destroy Obamacare, even though there are rumors Jesus Christ went around healing people for free, no co-pay, so you'd think God would have something to say about that, but okay.

In a December interview with Jim Bakker, fallen televangelist and now hawker of survivalist food and other items for the any-day-now Rapture, Bachmann said people were urging her to run in November’s special election for Franken's seat, but she was undecided. "I fulfilled the calling God gave me,” she said of her presidential run. “So the question is: Am I being called to do this now?” Recently, in a lamentably rare moment of actually paying attention, God answered her by putting up a shiny new billboard in downtown St. Paul. "NO," it says. Posted on social media by Alliance for a Better Minnesota - "Great new addition to the neighborhood" - it was evidently the result of a crowdfunding project by wiseguys at The Good Lord Above. Who, God knows, must know whereof they speak.



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