The Wishbone, the Jawbone, the Backbone: Nina Turner On Lifting As We Climb


Haitians in Miami's Little Haiti mark last week's anniversary of the deadly earthquake and protest Trump's racism. Photo by Washington Post

On a brutishly discordant Martin Luther King day, our Racist-In-Chief urged Americans to observe the day "with acts of civic work and community service" while he himself, not knowing the meaning of any of those words - ditched a longstanding presidential tradition of doing just that and instead played friggin' golf at Mar-A-Lago, again, because, of course. Nearby, hundreds of angry Haitians - the largest immigrant community in Palm Beach County - marched to protest his racist shithole comments and general awfulness as a human being. "The president does not understand us. We are not coming here to do any bad thing, we are coming here for a better life," said Haitian-American Pastor Jean Bruny, though he shouldn't have to explain these things. Many others across the country marched, prayed, sang and spoke up against what King's descendants have called "these evil days," vowing to "remember what (King) fought for." To revisit the depth and breadth of what that was, hear King's searing speech at Riverside Church urging moral courage at times "when silence is betrayal." To get the strength and spark to carry on, hear Nina Turner of Our Revolution at last year's MLK rally; in a cold rain, she electrified the crowd by proclaiming, "We have been here before...lifting as we climb."


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