Golfing Into the Apocalypse, Which Is Happening Faster Than Anyone Anticipated!


For the third day in a row after he proclaimed he was "going back to work in order to make America Great Again, which is happening faster than anyone anticipated!" - and for the 87th time since he took office - the Dumpster played golf again Thursday, for about five hours. Nothing new here: Rather than even attempt to govern, golf has become what he does, along with tweet, feud, rant and lie. His Christmas golf holiday marked his 37th day at Mar-A-Lago and his 113th day at one of his own properties - a total of a third of his time in office, at a cost to us of over $90 million - bringing him on track to spend triple the time Obama golfed in his first year, for which Trump perpetually razzed him and after which he famously promised he himself would never have time to golf 'cause he'd be working so hard at establishing his very own kakistocracy.

He did work hard for about 20 minutes Thursday, babbling to West Palm Beach firefighters - "The job you do with the fire has been incredible" - before getting back to the golf course. At least, the press thought he was there, but they couldn't get even the standard, blurry, between-the-hedges shots because a white box truck suddenly, inexplicably appeared parked right at the spot where they usually stood on the sidewalk. When CNN moved their camera, the truck moved too. Huh. How idiotic can this historic moment get? This idiotic: The so-called President of the United States is not just playing endless golf on the besieged taxpayers' dime; he is playing hide-and-seek there, even as the media savages him - "We can see you Mister" - pundits praise theIsuzu NPR N62 Crew Cab's "impressive opacity," and the naked Emperor's subjects , "If you hire a box truck to block TV cameras from seeing you play golf, you're losing." Damn, we hope so.




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