On Shame and Rot

On Shame and Rot

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At the end of a freakish day in D.C., Democratic lawmakers received and furiously savaged the most freakish indignity of so many: Finally, a copy of the multi-billion-dollar GOP tax scam for the rich, all 479 pages of it, complete with scribbled, last-minute, hand-written goofs and adds and changes - this, a scandalous couple of hours before the scheduled vote on a bill that could cost millions of Americans massive pain and loss, making it virtually impossible for them to even read the friggin' thing. Virginia's Mark Warner on the chicken-scratch muddle inflicted on them and us: "This is how we're writing legislation now?" See a livid, incredulous Elizabeth Warren, trying to decipher the mess, echo and answer him: "This is how the Republicans make tax policy." Robert Reich: "Never before in history has Congress worked so quickly, affecting so much of the economy and so many of our people, with so little deliberation. This is a travesty of democracy." That travesty, notes Paul Krugman, reflects "the outright lies" and the moral rot that "spreads wide and runs deep" of the entire Republican Party, which has exhibited "a level of bad faith we haven’t seen in U.S. politics since the days when defenders of slavery physically assaulted their political foes on the Senate floor." The solution: Get 'em all out.


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