Annals of Scumbaggery Part 724

Remarkably, the sordid spectacle of the Roy Moore saga gets ever sleazier. Added to his sexual pursuit, harassment  and assault of at least five teenage girls and his longstanding homophobia, Islamophobia, all-round creepiness and hate-mongering under the cherished guise of "Christianity" - wherein 9/11 was the result of turning away from God, just like Isaiah warned: “Because you have despised His word and trust in perverseness...therefore this iniquity will be to you as a breach ready to fall" - comes a flood of newly revealed atrocities. How low can we go? This low, it seems.
As Alabama's highest state judge, Moore defended the rights of sexual offenders against their victims in an infamous dissenting opinion. As a 32-year-old district attorney in the 1980s, say a dozen sources who include politicians, police, lawyers and former employees, Moore was either officially or unofficially banned from a local mall, as well as the YMCA, for his well-known propensity for nighttime cruising for teenage girls. The ban was evidently unsurprising to many locals because, "It was common knowledge that Roy dated high-school girls.”
That was then; this is now. It's still ugly. As Moore grows so toxic even the GOP has withdrawn their money and called for expelling him from the Senate if he wins, he and his defenders continue to go to surreal places in an apparent endless death spiral. Rush Limbaugh, the king of WTF rhetoric, has argued that Moore was actually a Democrat at the time of the alleged assaults so it was probably their fault, or Obama's. As Sean Hannity offered him a chance to clear his shit-stained name, Moore disingenuously insisted his behavior was "altogether appropriate." He went on, "I don’t remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother” - what is wrong with this picture?! - before gallantly citing his "special concern for the protection of young ladies." Even Hannity was unconvinced.
His Tennesee-Williams-redux routine notwithstanding, he maintains the stubbornly unblinking support of many conservative white evangelicals. Still, some have in fact blinked; Moore just lied about it. His wife Kayla recently posted on her Facebook page a fiery endorsement letter from over 50 pastors, who praised Moore as "an immovable rock in the culture wars... a warrior for the unborn child, defender of the sanctity of marriage and champion for religious liberty." The next day, some of them furiously protested the letter was just a copy of an earlier expression of support during the Senate primary - ie: before the slimey stories of pedophile had emerged. Since then, several have demanded their names be removed. Let's hope God hears the prayers of those sinners who remained.
The most recent - and in a twisted kinda way most entertaining - transgression was a shiny, new, fake robocall that went out in Alabama. Aiming to discredit the original WaPo story about Moore's predatory past, the speaker was a purported WaPo reporter seeking middle-aged women "willing to make damaging remarks about (Moore) for a reward of between $5000 and $7000." The anti-Semitic dog-whistle kicker: The so-called reporter's name was "Bernie Bernstein," which later morphed into "Al Bernstein." Quickly hearing about it, the Post issued a statement: "The call’s description of our reporting methods bears no relationship to reality."
Still, the prank was so crude, so dumb, so goofily racist that Twitter - including many journalists and Jews - gleefully picked up the Bernie Bernstein shtick and ran with it. Samples: "I know that guy - he took over for Shylock Geltgrubber....Did he go to Brandeis? Does he know David Cohen?...Hello. It is The Jews. We have money. Please telephone us...It was actually me, Brian B. Levinson. (I) sounded garbled because I was eating matzah made with the blood of gentile babies when I recorded the call." And our favorite: "Why not just stick with Jewy McJew?" After the grisly gags, the sorry truth about Roy Moore and his party remains. From a son of Alabama in Rolling Stone: "If this isn't rock bottom, pray that a comet hits Earth before we reach it."

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