Fuming With Rising Irritation: A Beautiful Scene

The March 2016 National Security meeting that didn't happen with Papadopoulos who Trump doesn't know. Photo posted by Donald J. Trump

Manafort Monday offered multiple gratifications for the many who've been suffering lo these endless months. First, the indictments, starting with Paul Manafort, whose move from campaign chairman to potential felon "represents a criminal crisis of historic dimensions for US politics" - a well-earned reward for a long-sleazy lobbyist who represented so many of the world's worst despots he topped a list of “The Torturers’ Lobby.” There was also the sordid spectacle of accomplices being frantically  thrown under the proverbial bus: Manafort, who lived for years in Trump Tower and largely got its owner where he didn't belong to be, became someone Trump worked with “for a very short time.” George Papadopoulos, who's been cooperating for months and could prove a deadly co-conspirator, became a "young, low-level volunteer," "coffee boy" and "liar" who nobody knew and Trump wasn't sure he'd ever met except for the time he boasted Papadopoulos was "an excellent guy" and when he posted that now-viral photo of them together at a National Security meeting.

Likewise satisfying, thanks to multiple leaks, was the ensuing chaos, with reports of a "seething" Trump and his often divided rats scrambling to escape their oh-please-let-it-be sinking ship. Amidst news of four new indictments and rumors of more, gleeful online observers took to imagining the scene as Trump met for lunch with Pence and Sessions: "They're probably talking about adoptions," "SO. MUCH. YELLING," "Can you say 'conspiracy to obstruct?'" Most vivid was a Washington Post report - over 20 leaks this time - that portrayed Trump rising at dawn, clicking on the TV, screaming at the TV, and "fuming" with "rising irritation" over the coverage. "The walls are closing in," said one White House staffer. "Everyone's freaking out." Online, it was deemed "a beautiful scene." For now, its outcome remains unknown. But many of us have one devout wish: A sliver of sweet, sweet justice.

By the end of Trump's no good very bad day, he evidently had little patience for the T-Rex. SAD!

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