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POTUS' 10 out of 10: Surgery by cellphone

What happened this weekend: Sgt. La David Johnson, killed in Niger under still-murky circumstances and dismissively dubbed "your guy" in last week's calamitous "condolence" call to his widow, was buried, as his family and fellow soldiers wept. In still-devastated Puerto Rico, 85% of island residents remain without power, over 30% have no power, experts are worried about water-borne diseases descending, and former governor Alejandro García Padilla posted a photo of a gloomy operating room where surgeons worked by cellphone flashlights. To help stricken residents, all five former presidents hosted an unprecedented "Deep from the Heart: One America Appeal" benefit concert of country music in Texas; stressing the need for unity, they raised $31 million. Trump was M.I.A, except for a weird recorded message he beamed to the crowd from a teleprompter that bore no resemblance to reality. "The American people have done what we do best," he shouted. "We came together, we helped one another, and through it all, we remained resilient."

Trump wasn't at the benefit because it was only for real presidents, and besides he was way busy: giving himself a 10 out of 10 for fixing Puerto Rico, continuing his feud with Rep. Frederica Wilson, ranting about fake news, bragging about his tweets - “I’m like, a person that does well with that kind of thing” - and playing golf. For Mr. I'm-going-to-be-working-for-you-I'm-not-going-to-have-time-to-go-play-golf, he's played a lot of golf. We know because there are websites tracking it, complete with comparisons to Obama. This weekend, though he tried to hide it, Trump visited his Virginia golf club both Saturday - four hours - and Sunday - five hours. It was the third consecutive weekend he spent playing golf. It was his 75th day playing golf. Since his teeny inauguration, he has spent one of every three days at a Trump property and one of every four days at a Trump golf club playing golf. He has now spent over $74 million of Americans' money playing golf. OK, uncle: We're tired of winning.



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