This Is A Sick Man

Oh man. Improbably, the lows keep going lower. Now the toddler-sociopath in-chief is bickering with a Congresswoman and the family of Sgt. La David Johnson, 25, killed in action in Niger, pouting he didn't in all his oblivous stupidity say the grotesquely insensitive things they say he said about how Johnson “knew what he signed up for" but he guesses it hurts anyway, though actually as a bone-spur-laden sociopath unfamiliar with basic human decency or emotions he wouldn't know much about that sort of thing. The broad consensus: Trump, a preternaturally inept oaf, has once again dragged "his sacred duty through the mud." Still, at least he didn't deny the charge he didn't know Johnson's name - maybe perhaps it would be beyond the pale even for him, given he's repeatedly defended himself by referring to Johnson's widow as "the woman." Wait, not "the pussy"?

Listen up, you clown: They are real people. They have names. La David Johnson and Myeshia Johnson, who is six months pregnant with their third child, and they are the latest victims of Trump's "inane cruelty" and unending lies. To review: He used his chief-of-staff's dead son as political bait. He didn't acknowledge the deaths of four soldiers in Niger for two weeks, until he was challenged by the press. He said he calls bereaved families. He doesn't. He said his predecessors didn't. They did. He was golfing when La David’s remains arrived home. He made his widow cry with idiotic remarks about "your guy," verified by both La David's mother and Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), after which he again petulantly denied it. "This man is a sick man,” said Wilson. And this is not normal. See wrenching video of the return of Johnson's remains to Miami - his grieving family, sobbing widow, tearful two-year-old son - to remind you.

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