On Being Unable to Discharge the Powers and Duties of His Office


The ugly charade goes on: Destroying health care

The catastrophes pile up, from large - Iran, Obamacare, immigration, Puerto Rico, North Korea, women's rights, the atrocity of a serial sexual predator lecturing about "values" at a hate-filled "summit" - to small, like rhyming Tanzania with mania, confusing the national debt with the stock market, and not knowing that he, himself, Little Man-Child Donny, is in fact the president of the Virgin Islands, who he says he just talked to. Amidst such chaos, opposition is slowly, slowly mounting: A GOP lawmaker argues his moves on health care will do the opposite of what he says, Pelosi insists everything he does represents violence - "He's saying, 'Stop the world,' because he doesn't know how to deal with it" - and questions about fitness repeatedly arise: Is he just a moron, or also mentally ill?

Two groups of Democratic lawmakers - three in one case, 27 in another - have already sought to set up a Congressional commission on "presidential capacity" to consider the issue underpinning the 25th Amendment: Whether the president is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office." Saturday, a group of distinguished mental health experts called Duty to Warn will confront the same question in town halls in 13 cities, including New York, D.C., and Chicago. Citing their "duty to warn the public of the threat Donald Trump poses both to our nation and the planet,” multiple psychologists, academics and doctors will address "the Trump-shaped elephant in the room" and voice their support for the move to assess the president's mental and physical health. Their argument, also made in a recently released book and a documentary to be screened at the events: Trump should be impeached by Congress under the 25th Amendment. Not a moment too soon.

Moments In Trumpiness:

Trump: The market went up so I got rid of the national debt.


Trump says he met with the "president of the Virgin Islands."


Trump, weeks after referring to the African country of "Nambia," mis-pronounces Tanzania


 This is Trump at Voter Values Summit/Access Hollywood mashup you've been waiting for https://t.co/k63w4Ri6yf

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