If It Were Up To Me

If It Were Up To Me


Mayhem in Vegas. Photo by David Becker/Getty Images. Front photo by Steve Marcus/ Reuters

More carnage - almost 600 people in minutes. More armed-to-the-teeth white madmen shooting high-power weapons from on high. More hollow, heinous thoughts and prayers from pols - almost half of Congress - who took millions in blood money and then voted against banning those same high-power weapons. More tone-deaf blather - "warmest condolences" WTF? - from a guy who got more than all the rest. More deafening silence from a deranged, blood-soaked NRA that preaches, "There is no greater freedom than the right to survive and protect our families with all the rifles, shotguns and handguns we want" - but never mind the "privilege" of health care. More righteous wrath from those who note that Australia  and Scotland found solutions, who the cowardice of empty thoughts and prayers, who insist, "None of this ends unless we do something to stop it." More unfathomable numbers: This is America's 273rd mass shooting this year. And from singer-songwriter Cheryl Wheeler, almost 20 years ago, more wisdom: Take away the guns.


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