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Crooks and Grifters Inc.


A public servant travels.

Remember when we heard that smarmy Health and Human Services Secretary and heroic enemy of government waste Tom Price had reportedly thrown away $400,000 on private jets while diligently working to strip millions of working Americans of their health care? Fake news, people: It was actually a cool million, Politico newly reports, including for several trips with his wife on military planes to Europe, Asia and Africa - which when you think about it don't seem to have much to do with the health of Americans, but we digress.

Sensing public - and given that Ryan Zinke also just joined the Look-Ma!-I'm-Flying-Private-Planes Club - Price offered to pay back the cost of his trips, vowing, "The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes." But ha ha: It turns out he meant "seat" literally, thus righteously sallying forth to write a check for $51,887.31. Which is pretty close to a million, at least when you use swamp-draining math. These guys truly are a (shit) piece of work.



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